Blue Doomsday Part Deux

Episode 26 – Rob and Mark are back and in this special episode are joined by Starburst Columnist and Blue Box podcast maestro JR Southall where we throw the running order out the window and wax lyrical about Podcasting, Eric Saward, the aborted Season 23, Eric Saward, the New Series, the crazy science of The Tenth Planet oh and Eric Saward!

We also subject JR to our International Omni-Rumour alert system and are we ready to call time on it or is it “far from being all over”. All this plus your letters and listen to the very end where we tackle head on the criticism that we edit to much!

Billy Don’t Be A (Anti) Hero – The Hartnell Era Revisited !

Episode 25 – In this episode we examine the entrails of the Hartnell era, looking at the man himself, the companions of that era, and how much of the show’s future owes itself it’s formative years.

All this, plus our thoughts about (not review) Series 8 and we drag up for a return bout of our Dragged from the Archives segment – this time looking at the tumultuous events of 1986 and why does this picture reduce us reduces us all to a pile of giggling schoolgirls!


We also debut of our Omni-rumour meter where Rob goes where no fan has dared go before to ask “Would you sacrifice the new series for the omni rumour to be true?”

We are also very proud to support for the Unofficial Doctor Who Charity Anthology Seasons Of War and further information about this fantastic cause can be found on their Facebook page and donations can be made to Caudwell Children

The 5 bestest things we like about Nu Who !!

Episode 24 – To celebrate the start of series 8, Mark and Rob list of their top 5 things about the new series. What came in at poll position and who exactly did Rob tear up over? We also chat about the first two episodes of Peter Capaldi’s era – a storming start or a gentle easing into the reign of a man with the attack eyebrows? As a special treat – Mark serenades Rob to try and stop him blowing a fuse and a question – what does the new theme arrangement have in common with a Japanese avant-garde artist?

Islands in the (Main) Stream

Episode 23 – They came, they saw, they kicked our a…..the Milli Vanilli of the Doctor Who Podcasting world return for their ‘difficult’ 23 album…err episode. We discuss the Sydney leg of the Doctor Who World Tour in which Rob and Mark didn’t go (sob!) but friend of the show Rob Lloyd did (yay!) and filed an exclusive report! We then take a look at how the ‘brand’ of the new series has been marketed at home and abroad. Why, after the wild success of the Tennant era, is the show only now scaling the global heights?

We then go over our hopes for series 8 and dip back into the mailbag to answer the question “Is Caves of Androzani” any good?

If you’re in the Chicago area this August. check out Rob’s show, Who Me, as recommended by the both of us! and for more information on Rob Lloyd and his projects can be found at

Adventures in Farce & Space

Episode 22 – In this very special episode we take a look at how the different styles of comedy have been interpreted and portrayed throughout the various eras of the program. To help us with we thought we had better get a real-life funster involved to give us a hand, so we welcome back to the show comedian and Doctor Who podcasting orphan Rob Lloyd!

Join us as we laugh it up examining comedy in Doctor Who, including a look at The Five(ish) Doctors reboot and the parallels between this and The Two Ronnies (Burgundy and Jeremy!) If you’re in the Chicago area this August. check out Rob’s show, Who Me, as recommended by the both of us!

More information on Rob Lloyd and his projects can be found at or or Youtube:
Contact him on Twitter @futurerobby or

Happy 21st to us !

Episode 21 A Celebration – bless the rains the Terrance and Phillip
of the Doctor Who podcasting world return to celebrate our 21st

We take a look at how our favourite series celebrated such
achievements and were multi-doctor romps the way to go and why do
these two grown men keep bursting into tears when they see a couple of
old doctors being paraded across the screen!

All this plus Miami Leaks, the upcoming Doctor Who tour in Sydney and
the debut of our brand new segment where we discuss the anniversary
poll but not the one you were expecting.

Just like that ex-Australian media proprietor we have expanded our
empire and you can now subscribe to us on and Soundcloud
as well as iTunes and Player FM.

42 to Doomsday Podcast – Merchandising, part deux!

Episode 20 – In the concluding part of their merchandise special Rob and Mark trek to deepest, darkest inner city Melbourne to meet with up Aron Challinger of Lobos Collectables to discuss the current state Doctor Who merchandising and his insights into what sells and what doesn’t.

Make sure you listen for a chance to win a $50 gift voucher from Lobos Collectables to put towards your own piece of merchandise.

All this plus listener feedback and a long distance dedication for two estranged missing episode hunters, please guys work it out!


42 To Doomsday Podcast – Merchandising Part Uno!

Episode 19  The Collector – With their sojourn into the TARGET universe complete, Mark and Rob now turn their attention to the rest of the Doctor Who merchandising universe in the first of a two part podcasting extravaganza! In this episode we look at Doctor Who merchandising from a collector’s perspective with special guest Richard Nolan who gives us a potted history through the highs and lows of the many examples of ephemera released under the Who banner. How much of it was any good or was it just a load of ‘monkey hats and tat’ (c) Alan Partridge

All this, plus the Doctor Who publicity junket (sorry, ‘world tour’), details of our very special guest in our next ‘cast, feedback and an extra incentive to send us a question (please, please someone do so !)

Stay tuned for our next episode where we look at merchandise from the retail perspective with our other guest, Aron Challinger.



42 to Doomsday – Stay on TARGET!

Episode 18 – In a desperate attempt to cling to their long vanished youth, Mark and Rob journey back to an earlier, simpler time to discuss the Target Doctor Who range where the only way you could watch the Web of Fear was to read the book.

So grab yourself a cup of Milo, Horlicks or Cocoa (ooh, is that a marriage proposal?), sit yourself in your favourite comfy chair and wile away the next 60 minutes or so  listening as the Statler and Waldorf of the Doctor Who podcasting community reminisce about collecting these little fragments of the show’s past.

Plus we discuss the Series 8 (malt)teaser, listener feedback and our latest competition where you send your burning questions about Doctor Who (or not) that you want us to tackle by the 9th of June and the best entry wins a copy of Doctor Who – The Ultimate Guide as recommended by Rob!

42 to Doomsday talks Villains!

Episode 17 – Like the super villains they are, Rob and Mark have
smashed free of the Phantom Zone to wreak havoc yet again on podcast
listening humanity. Kneel before…pod(cast)!

In this bumper episode we take a look at the villains of Doctor Who,
starting with the Tribe of Gum all the way up to that cackling wife
beater from Gallifrey. We talk about the way different writers and
production teams influenced how these dastardly fellows were

We also read out some listener feedback, announce the winners of our
latest fantastic competition, fondle yet again the omni-bollocks(TM)
and Mark does a compelling impression Kim Jong-il! Finally, we invite
the listeners to ponder whether Rob is right – is Davros the true hero
of Genesis of the Daleks..?

The Science of Doctor Who hosted by friend of the show Rob Lloyd is
touring around Australia. More information can be found at