The Four Mouthketeers Unplugged!

Episode 38 – In this very special 12″ extended edition of 42 to Doomsday, the four smartest Doctor Who fans south of the equator get together to grapple with many of the pressing issues gripping fandom today. With special guests former Doctor Who Club of Victoria Presidents Richard Nolan and Dave Kitchen, Mark and Rob dive deep into the classic and new series, take a peek at UK politics, Steven Moffat OBEs impact on the show, the Omni-Rumour destroy the Paternoster Gang with sledgehammer brutality and we reminiscence about what the ABC used to show before Doctor Who. Is Missy the great Missy-ed opportunity and is Doctor Who’s future on Netflix? and we ask the question that fandom never knew it wanted answered – behind that benign mask, is the Second Doctor a cackling serial killer?

Dragged from the Archives – The Movie !!

Episode 37 – With the lack of any real news reminding us of the wilderness years, Mark talks about his experience at the Whoniverse convention and with Steven Moffatt staying around for Season 10 and does he now need to buy an Hawaiian shirt? As requested by two of our listeners we present a extended edition of our ‘Dragged from the Archives’ segment We dive headlong into the aftermath of Season 24 where bile and rage ensued but will your two trusty podcasters survive by the skin of their teeth ? All this plus readers letters and Mad Max: Fury Road!



Number 5 is Alive! – The Fifth Doctor Revisted

Episode 36 – Rob, Mark and special guest Jono from New Zealand’s premier (and only) Doctor Who podcast Zeus Pod!  look back on the highs and lows of the Peter Davison era of our favourite show and try to determine if Caves is the only good story from the entire run or is our affection for the 5th Doctor’s reign coloured by nostalgia? All this plus we subject Jono to ‘Who Knows’ and make sure you listen to the very end for a musical treat from that perennial favourite ‘The 5 Doctors’

The top 5 underrated stories of Nu Who!

Episode 35 – The boys from Oz are back and with nothing of consequence occurring in the world of Who, we fall back to ‘ye old faithful’ top 5 countdown, this time looking at the top 5 underrated Nu Who episodes. Which stories will make the cut and which entries will render Mark speechless?

We touch upon the Sony leaks, the Radio Times Nu Who poll and the long awaited (and delayed) return of our ‘Dragged from the Archives’  segment looking at casting of a new Doctor, the unfortunate death of another and an intriguing look at an alternate universe’s version of  Season 24 – would it have been an improvement on what was served up to us?

Finally – has the Omnirumour claimed the sanity of its latest victim?

Andrew Smith & The Common Men

Episode 34 – Andrew Smith, writer of Season’s 18 Full Circle and many a Big Finish production is our special guest in this episode. We talk about his early radio and television work, his interactions with not one but four Doctor Who script editors, how he novelised Full Circle, his career in policing and the accuracy of today’s TV police dramas. Andrew is also our first victim, sorry, ‘participant’ in our new segment / quiz “Who Knows” where he has to guess the Doctor Who story based on comments left on YouTube!

Your hosts unmasked !!

We have had a few comments from listeners asking what we actually look like so they can put a face to the names. We both went on a location shoot, decked out in full Who regalia for these exclusive images! (ladies, steel yourselves)


Rob in a reflective pose after watching Death in Heaven 


Mark in a pensive mood after hearing of Missy’s return in Series 9


Who-ographies Part Deux


Episode 33 – We continue our look at the biographies from the worlds of Doctor Who with our resident merchandise expert Richard Nolan. We sort the wheat from the chaff and talk about the good, the bad and the indifferent examples from this rapidly growing market.  Being literary types, we briefly touch on the Doctor Who Pattern Book and ask if one of the pictures contained within this lofty tome a premonition of the 9th Doctor?

Happy Hiatus-versary Doctor Who!


Episode 32 – To “celebrate” the 30th anniversary of the original cancellation / postponement / whatever it was, Mark and Rob travel back in time to the mid-80’s where the fashion was just like the 6th doctor’s costume bright and garish..We reminiscence over the ‘bad old’ days’ and discuss if the cancellation was the right thing to do or a wasted opportunity ? Featuring contributions from listeners and JNT Biographer Richard Marson, strap yourself in because as Homer Simpson once said “Sure it’s not 1985 right now, but who knows what tomorrow may bring”!

Drama and Delight and 42 to Doomsday

Episode 31 – Richard Marson is our special guest in this first part of our two part series looking at the biographies of Doctor Who stars in front and behind of the camera. Richard discusses the approach he took in documenting the life of Doctor Who’s first producer, Verity Lambert as well as touching on his previous acclaimed book on John-Nathan Turner. We also ask Richard his thoughts on other biographies in the realm of Doctor Who.

The book (and other Doctor Who related titiles) can be ordered directly from Miwk Publishing



Top 5 Old Who Underrated stories

Episode 30 – Put another shrimp on the barbie, cobber, it’s the Australia Day long weekend! Mark and Rob return from their sabbatical and ease back into the podcasting grind by talking about their top 5 underrated classic Doctor Who stories.

All this plus their thoughts on Last Christmas, Series 9 rumours and the debut of our new segment Horrible Whoniversaries and get aboard the wibbly wobbly time machine as we head back to January 1985….

We are also very proud to support for the Unofficial Doctor Who Charity Anthology Seasons Of War and further information about this fantastic cause can be found on their Facebook page and donations can be made to Caudwell Children