Top 5 WTF moments in Who!


We are fifty episodes old and to ‘celebrate’ we countdown our top 5 WTF moments in Doctor Who. Which moments during the shows long history has us either shouting out in triumph or had us curled in the foetal position screaming for our mother!

All this plus our thoughts on ‘The Husbands of River Song’ and the long overdue return of our ‘Dragged from the Archives’ segment where we look back at early 1988 where Timelord-mania ruled the radio waves, Doctor Who movie news and speculation on who J-N-T’s successor will be.




Bah Humbug – 2015 Staff Xmas Party!

Episode 49 – Ho Ho Ho and welcome to the 42 to Doomsday Staff Christmas Party! Crack open the eggnog and get a look at that Krampus as Mark, Rob, Dave and Richard celebrate in the finest Doctor Who tradition – we talk Doctor Who! We stick the boot in/sing the praises of Series 9 and argue the toss over whether this year’s finale was better or worse than Death in Heaven*. We debut our new ‘Fanwank’ segment where we give our favourite examples of retconning of the Who continuum and then give our guide to what we will be watching over the summer hiatus..sorry, break!

All this plus more discussion on obscure Aussie TV shows and we ponder the state of the ABCs televisual archive! Incidentally, a very Merry Christmas to all of you at home and trust you all received the Christmas episodes boxset, because frankly, you deserve it!

*If you’ve been listening to us this last year, what the bloody hell do you think is the answer?!

Silence In The Library – Doctor Who Reference Books Uncovered!

Episode 48 – With Mark scouting future podcast recording locations in Wigan, Rob gets down and dirty with merchandise guru Richard to discuss Doctor Who reference books. What were the early beginnings of this fascinating field? What were some of the formative books? Which one’s made the biggest impression on Rob and Richard? And what books should fans look for?

Dr Who Festival After Party!

Episode 47 – The Doctor Who Festival came and went in a rush that left a Moffat sized hole in our hearts! Rob and Mark are again joined by Rob Lloyd as we pick our way through the variegated highlights of this wonderful event which allowed the fans to press the flesh with Capaldi, Moffat and Gatiss as they gazed at us Down Under!

Rob Lloyd talks about the excitement of hosting multiple interviews with Gatiss and the guys behind the special effects, while down in the stalls, Mark gives the ground’s eye view of proceedings in the hustle and bustle caused by thousands of Osgood cos-players!

To find out whether Mark found his tongue after meeting Capaldi, and Rob Lloyd’s adventures in Cincinnati, tune into this, our latest and greatest podcast, (almost) live from the Doctor Who Festival!

And in the interest of balance, we quiz Rob Lloyd about his thoughts on series 9 so far before we sent fire to them!

More info on Rob Lloyd’s show in Brisbane can be found at

Bicycle Race

Episode 46 – Jon Preddle, author of the continuity guide Timelink and the BROADWCAST website, is our special guest this episode. Jon discusses setting up BROADWCAST, his online guide for Doctor Who worldwide transmissions and foreign airdates. We chat about how his research helped set up BROADWCAST, and some of the fan myths he has debunked.

Jon Preddle can be found on Twitter @JonPreddle

BROADWCAST can be found at and on Twitter @DrWhoBroaDWcast

The Second Coming

Episode 45 – On the 49th Anniversary(ish) of 2nd Doctor’s début, Mark, Rob and special guests Richard Nolan and David Kitchen feast on the rich morsels of what remains of the Troughton era. We cover the companions, best stories, the writings of David Whitaker and Troughton’s contribution to the show’s rich legacy.

All this plus our usual penetrating analysis of Series 9 so far!

Five Topics Rapid(ish)!

Episode 44 – Better late than never, Rob and Mark return to talk about the first two episodes of Series 9, Phil Morris’s début convention appearance and did the Sixth Doctor’s swansong meet our expectations?

All this plus Rob’s prediction for the finale for Series 9!

Doctor Who: THE TEMPORAL LOGBOOK available for ordering NOW!

As some of you may be aware, Rob’s been co-editing a fan collection of Doctor Who short stories, through Pencil Tip Publishing via The Doctor Who Project.  After a lot of work, that collection featuring great writers from across the globe is now available for purchase.

As a bit of background, there were over 100 submissions which editors Rob, Jez Strickley and Bob Furnell (publisher of TDWP and Pencil Tip) worked through to select what they thought were the best stories from the elite Doctor Who fan writers.  As the blurb states, the stories cover all of time and space as all twelve (even the Capaldi Doctor!) are featured in these always entertaining stories.

All three are intensely proud of the book, and a lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into bringing it to fruition.  It’s Rob’s first editing effort and was a steep learning curve for everyone involved.

Anyway, if you’re interested in Doctor Who, or Doctor Who fiction, this collection has something for everyone.  All the details are below:

To order your copy/copies of the Temporal Logbook click on the link below.

Below is the press release.

AVAILABLE FROM JULY 15th from Pencil Tip Publishing


A Charity Short Story Collection

Twelve Doctors.

 Twelve windows onto the universe. And the Doctor’s life is the history of the universe.

 The TEMPORAL LOGBOOK is the telling of that history.

 From the myths of Ancient Greece to the depths of unknown space, from the life of Lewis Carroll to the horrors of the Black Death, The TEMPORAL LOGBOOK recounts some of the Doctor’s most enthralling journeys during his first eleven incarnations, as told by a selection of Doctor Who fandom’s best writers.

 The TEMPORAL LOGBOOK features stories from Michael Baxter, J.E. Remy, Benjamin Pocock, Craig Charlesworth, Hannah Parry, Ian Larkin, Sarah Parry, Nick Mellish, Hamish Crawford, Paul Silvester, Michael Itig and Meg MacDonald.

Edited by Robert Mammone, Jez Strickley & Bob Furnell

Cover designed by John Gordon

All proceeds from this publication will be donated in support of the Positive Living Society of British Columbia which is dedicated to empowering persons living with HIV/AIDS through mutual support and collective action.

THE TEMPORAL LOGBOOK will retail at $16.95 CAD + postage

The Temporal Logbook will be available for purchase from

To order your copy/copies of the Temporal Logbook click on the link below.

Return of the J.R

Episode 43 – J.R Southall makes a dramatic return appearance hanging from the bottom of a Police Box carried by helicopter to help us close out our ‘terrible two’s celebrations. Once again, we venture into the minefield that is known as Death in Heaven and hopefully emerge unscathed.

We then look at the topic of Doctor Who biopics – which period of the show would we like to see dramatized? and what Target Book’s novelists would we like to see adapt Nu Who stories into prose.  Rob and J.R also discuss their publishing work and their approaches to it and we then venture back into the minefield, this time stark naked to dare ask the question that has stumped philosophers for the last 2000 years – who is the better writer – Steven Moffatt or Aaron Sorkin?

Twitter: @JR_Southall


Watching Books:

Rob Lloyd Strikes Back!

‎Episode 42 – As part of our terrible two celebrations we have wheeled out some guests to help us celebrate this awesome milestone!

Actor, comedian and Time Lord Rob Lloyd returns to discuss his role in The Doctor Who Symphony Spectacular, his upcoming involvement in the Doctor Who Festival in Sydney and his new Star Wars based comedy show ‘The Heart Awakens’.

We also chat about the state of the Australian comedy scene and then get back to Doctor Who, discussing our favourite comfort stories as well as our hopes/dreams/nightmares for series 9!

‘The Heart Awakens’ information and tickets can be found at

More information on Rob and his projects can be found


Twitter: @futurerobby