42 to Doomsday – Games, Games & More Games!

Episode 69 – with Mark still on his Cook’s Tour of the Northern Hemisphere, Rob and Richard repair to the Fortress of Solitude, pull out the dice, and go boardgaming! That’s right, for your listening pleasure, we chart the course of Doctor Who games from the early 1960s, right up to today. Boardgames, show bags, miniatures, gamebooks, and RPGs all come under the microscope. Richard and Rob go deep, and off the reservation a couple of times, so enjoy! And don’t forget to listen right to the end of a little snippet from the past.


Amateur Omni-rumourists

Episode 68 – While Mark’s away, the mice will play! Richard joins Rob to discuss the fallout of the May 27th Fantom event, where Phil Morris was, then wasn’t, attending. We also drag out that dead horse named Omnirumour for one last damned good flogging, for your entertainment!

Continuity Capers!

Episode 67 – Mark and Rob are back with our latest episode looking at continuity! Joining us are Richard and Dave as we sit down for a good long chat about how production teams, and fans, (mis)handled continuity over the shows’ history. Listen as we wrestle with continuity conundrums, gasp at the insanity that gripped the production team in the 1980s, scratch your heads along with us as we wonder what the heck Moffat is up to, before peering into the future and contemplating what the Once and Future Chibnall will do with the shows’ long and storied history.

All this, plus we assemble for our Target Library reviews and listen to Rob as he goes mad trying to link Soviet propaganda with the 1981 cover of Doctor Who and The Cybermen!


The Top 7 of the our Top 5 Countdowns!

Here at 42 to Doomsday have made a habit of looking at the show, its history, its characters and its monsters through its patented Top 5 lens. Often amusing, often infuriating, always engaging and thought provoking, Mark and Rob (and various guests) have delighted our fans over the years with these discussions.

Since the episodes are scattered through our run, we’ve collated the links below, to make it easier for our audience, particularly the newest members (and thank you for listening to us!) to get them all in one go.

Take it away, maestro!

42 to Doomsday – Nu Who Top 5!

42 to Doomsday – Nu Who Underrated Top 5!

42 to Doomsday – Old Who Underrated Top 5!

42 to Doomsday – Top 5 WTF moments in Who!

42 to Doomsday – Top 5 Doctors in Other Roles!

42 to Doomsday – Top 5 Overrated Stories!

42 to Doomsday – Top 5 Underrated Monsters

42 to Doomsday – Top 5 Underrated Monsters (and the ones we want to see back!)

Episode 66 – It’s another Top 5 from the Doctor Who podcast that always brings you the best and biggest Top 5’s!

To help us navigate through this minefield we are delighted to welcome back friend of the podcast, Rob Lloyd!

Marvel as we wax lyrical about some of the top underrated monsters from our favourite TV show. They may have been unloved at the time and relegated to a dreary backwater by an ignorant fandom, but we love them and list them for your enjoyment. To top off the discussion, we talk about the one’s we would love to see resurrected in the new series.

All this plus more Ultimate Adventure insights from people who actually saw it and pressed the flesh of the great man (men!) who trod the boards. And what does our self enforced ’embargo’ on Series 10 have in common with one of the best Seinfeld episodes of all time?

Full details of Rob Lloyd’s upcoming tour of Who Me in Canada, USA and Edinburgh can be found at http://www.roblloyd.com.au

What in Nimon’s name are you waiting for book your tickets now!!!


Ultimate Adventure Merchandise


Computer Games (of the Doctor Who kind!)

Episode 65 – Mark and Richard go all retro and set the way back machine to the 80’s, 90’s and today to discuss how our favourite TV show has fared as a computer game or in one case a pinball machine!

We start from the 8-bit era’s The First Adventure, Doctor Who and The Warlord and bring it bang up to date with Doctor Who Legacy and Lego Dimensions. We give our verdict on the hits, the misses and try to answer the perennial question that has alluded us all “has there ever been a decent Doctor Who computer game?”


Thanks to the immensely talented Doc Whom of the Diddly Dum Podcast for the collage of video game memories and Kevin Jordan for the audio clips from the Deus Ex Machina video game.

Dragged from the Archives – Part Trois!

Episode 64 – Rob and Mark are back! With new series discussion still a ‘no fly zone’ they again delve into the past with another full length Dragged from the Archives extravaganza!

Marvel at the build-up and excitement leading into to Season 26. Gasp at the positive reaction to The Ultimate Adventure play and go weak at the knees at news of The Daleks are finally being released on DED (VHS)!

All this plus feedback and confirmation that Season 27 is happening and we answer that burning question, what musical splendour is unleashed when a couple of ‘Z list’ Doctor Who celebrities get together with the shows former continuity adviser?

Revenge of the Cidermen!

Episode 63 – Mark and Rob return with podcasting companions, Richard and Dave! and broadcast to you (almost) live from Dave’s Fortress of Solitude. We discuss Dave’s trip to the Mother Country, natter about Peter Capaldi’s departure, dive deep into the Four Phases of Companions(hip) and open up our Target Reading Club with some classic era novelisations.

Also, listen for the introduction of our new segment – Devil’s Advocate, where Rob goes off the reservation and sets down a marker for Chris Chibnall to meet. Rob talks sense, will Chibbers meet his expectations?

Apologies for the sound quality of the episode Mark pressed the wrong button!!



Alternative Facts

Episode 62 – Rob and Mark are back, ready to launch into 2017 and eager to talk all things Doctor Who!

Listen as we blow the cobwebs off our microphones and chat about the recent Christmas episode and then revisit our Opposites Attract segment where we have the face off YOU demanded – Bessie vs. the Whomobile!

Then finally the Letter Louts return as we get through some of the correspondence from you, are beloved listeners.

Tell your friends the Statler and Waldorf of Doctor Who podcasting are back, and we promise 2017 is a year of taking no prisoners!

Mark and Rob


2016 New Year Eve Special!

Mark and Rob return (briefly) replete with pudding, custard, a whole roast pig and lashing of Christmas cheer to farewell 2016 in the manner it truly deserves with the return of our New Year Eve special!

In keeping with the musical theme these episodes are renowned (cough) we go all ‘non-canon’ and give you a DVD commentary for the video clip of ‘The Ballad of Doctor Who’ – the song made famous by Australian Country Music Legends Bullamakanka. And no Patreon account required – we’ve done it for you, for free!

All this plus listen to our brazen (and frankly cuckoo) idea of hijacking the Twitter account of the President-Elect in a desperate attempt to gain more followers! KKK-razy!

Here is the link to the clip so you can ‘read along with us with your book.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rH4LFVLUg4

Wishing you all a very happy New Year wherever you are listening and 42 to Doomsday will return in 2017!