Staff Xmas Party – Part Deux!

Episode 61 – Just like around a Xmas Day smorgasbord, Mark and Rob reconvene with special guests Richard and Dave to gorge ourselves on such tasty topics as American politics, Power of the Daleks’ animation, our Top 3 Six Part stories that would be better as four parters, the ever changing television landscape and why are some of us a bit nonplussed about the series at the moment.

All this plus out hopes and dreams for Series 11 of Doctor Who, Mark unleashes the Target Book Challenge and more importantly will they maintain their record of the only Doctor Who podcast not to review / give an a**e about Class!

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Typical..Absolutely Typical?

Episode 60 – Interstate rivalries are (briefly) put on ‘hiatus’ when the curator of the Doctor Who Show Rob Irwin appears on this episode where we discuss the stories we would classify as ‘typical’ examples of particular eras of Doctor Who.

Mark is also taken to task about his ‘non-canon’ position on the new incarnation of Peter Cushing’s Doctor Who; we subject Rob to Who Knows where he has to guess the Doctor Who story based on comments left on You Tube and ask the perennial question: which state makes the better coffee – Victoria or New South Wales ?

Top 5 Overrated Doctor Who Stories!

Episode 59 – Just like 80’s pop duo BROS, Mark and Rob have also (tearfully) reunited and to help us take a look at what we consider to be Doctor Who’™s most overrated stories we welcome back special guest Rob Lloyd!

Which stories do we blaspheme against and which sacred cows are slaughtered in the name of podcasting? The results will surprise you! All this plus what our listener’€™s thoughts on their overrated stories and with the 50th Anniversary of Evil of the Daleks fast approaching will it be next animation release?

If you feel suitable outraged about any of our selections don’t forget to drop us line – listen to the very end for omni-channel contact details!

Doctors in Other Things (a.k.a what have I seen him in before)

Episode 58 – Rob, Richard and Dave (aka The Three Mouthketeers) assemble sans Mark. We ruminate on the Power animation (note this episode was recorded a few days before the official announcement of the animation of Power of the Daleks) and chew more cud about Phil Morris’s appearance at the Starburst Film Festival.

We then move on to talk about our top 5 (plus 1 non-canon) appearances by Doctor Who leads actors in other movies and television. Which Doctors get no votes and who wins?

Dragged from the Archives – Part Deux!

Episode 57 – Mark and Rob again set the way back machine to the late 80’s for a full length episode of Dragged from the Archives. We crack open the fanzine vault and look back at contemporary reaction to Season 25, the recovery of missing episodes, the Ultimate adventure play and the new producer destined to bring the programme into the 90’s!!

All this plus we get all high-brow discussing Dr Who’s mention in the Australian Financial Review and the bizarre parallels to the political situation in the UK and the 1985 cancellation crisis!!

Opposites Attract

Episode 56 – Rob and Mark are back! As we impatiently wait for any sign of the show returning to our screens we pore over the scraps of information available. After that, we road kill, sorry, road test our new segment €˜’Opposites Attract’€™ where we take an opposing view on a couple of topics.

All this plus a really overdue letters mailbag and we wheel out our long-forgotten and neglected International Omni-Rumour public alert system. Has Rob finally cracked under the pressure of the ongoing silence? Hell yes!

Blake’s Heaven!

Episode 55 – Some of fandom’s sharpest minds (plus Mark and Rob) gather to raise a glass, or seven, to the memory of Gareth Thomas and Blake’s 7. Joining us for a good old pub style ramble through Terry Nation’s second most famous creation are fan favourites Tom, Richard and Dave were we spend a good chunk of time talking all things Blake’s 7, it’s genesis, it’s impact and its legacy. We point out the great episodes, the poor episodes, the characters that worked, those that didn’t, dive deep into some interesting fan theories and essentially geek out at 70s BBC science fiction.

All that, plus the occasional comment or two about Doctor Who we almost don’t mention the omnirumour and have a chinwag about Bill, the Doctor’s newest inner city London 20 something spunky female companion! Who said Moffat couldn’t innovate…

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Stay on TARGET – Part Deux

Episode 54 – David J Howe talks to us about the welcome and imminent re-release of his critically acclaimed ‘The Target Book’, the definitive reference guide to the much loved Doctor Who novelisation range. We also chat about David’s early involvement in Doctor Who fandom and fanzines, the Frame magazine, his work on the Virgin ‘Decades’ and Handbook series as well as the Jon Pertwee Autobiography “I am the Doctor!”

Also listen to the very end for a special Easter egg featuring David on ABC Radio talking about the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who!

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Party Animals

Episode 53 – Doctor Who fan, political animal and friend of the podcast David Kitchen joins Rob for a lengthy discussion about how Doctor Who, in front of the camera and behind it, has dealt with the thorny issue of politics.

What fan shibboleths does Dave demolish during our chat? What events in the Doctor Who universe could possibly have led to alleged (and cleared) murderer Jeremy Thorpe ever becoming PM? Did you hear the one about the Communist, a Tory and environmentalist walking into the BBC canteen in 1973? Should Doctor Who even delve into politically dangerous waters? And finally, how has the modern series dealt with the thorny political topics of today?

All this and a discussion about real world politics, a short message from our friend and mentor, Sharak Jizz and make sure you listen to the very end for a musical Easter egg from the one time Australian Federal Minister of Education!

Doc Whom Is Required!

Episode 52 – Doc Whom, one third of the Diddly Dum triumvirate, is our special guest in this episode and as the 11th (or is it 12th?) Doctor said before he carked it “It’s a whopper!”

In a wide ranging chat we talk about the state of Doctor Who podcasting scene, television accents, comparisons of the televisual landscape in the UK and Oz, Pot Black and Doc’s undertaking of the ‘great journey’ where he is watching Doctor Who from the very start!

All this plus our thoughts on #speechgate, the current ‘fad’ sweeping the U.S. Convention circuit where #Doctor Who actors are given key speeches from the show’s history to recreate in front of a rabid fanboys and girls. More importantly, we finally answer the age old question, which Australian soap opera was adapted as a computer game for the humble Commodore 64?

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