“All right, I’ll take you to Blackpool!”

Episode 94 – Doctor Who exhibitions are ‘showcased’ in this episode and helping us walk down the promenade of yesteryear are  John Collier and Alex Storer, the team behind 2020’s FANTASTIC ‘Blackpool Remembered’ publication.  We discuss the book which celebrates the legacy of the Blackpool Exhibition, and also other exhibitions that followed!

We discuss how the book came together, the sourcing and sifting of the many contributions from fans and exhibition staff alike.  We also look at the reaction to Blackpool Remembered and what readers can expect from Blackpool Revisited!

We chat about our own personal experiences visiting the Blackpool Exhibition, what we bought from the shop, a ‘doppelganger’ Bessie and was it really the 6th Doctor downing a crafty pint at a pub in a small Welsh village?

All this plus Rob and Mark’s delayed and muted response to the departure of the Pip and Jane Baker of the new series.  Plus, we respond to our overflowing mailbag of listener’s comments about their view of the current state of the Omni-Rumour ™ and another ‘What If?’ scenario is posed to us!

Visit the Blackpool Revisited / Remembered Site at: https://blackpoolremembered7485.wordpress.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Blackpool7485

Who, Where & When: http://sevenzero.net/who_where_when.html

Alex Storer’s Doctor Who Inspired Art: https://thelightdreams.wordpress.com/portfolio/doctor-who/

42 to Doomsday – I’ll Take You To Blackpool

Apologies for the less than stellar audio quality on this episode – Rob’s microphone picked up the noise of his drilling machine on course for Wigan and Mark’s vocal is a combination of Skype issues and getting to grips with his new (and self-funded) Yeti microphone!

Remember (When) – The Omni-Rumour and Missing Episodes!

Episode 93 – Tim, from The Missing Episodes Podcast is our guest as we mash up The Omni-Rumour and our popular Remember When segment!

“Web of Fear episode 1,2….ummm where has that station manager got to?”

Tim takes us back to his youth, talking about how he became a fan of the show and how his interest waxed and waned through his formative years before he became enmeshed in the Missing Episodes Omni-rumour saga!

Ah, the Omni-Rumour! That shambling shibboleth, that chimerical nightmare haunting the dreams of fans for almost a decade. 90, 19 or 9 missing episodes returned? How many Restoration Teams? Bicycling chains worthy of the Tour de France! Jos! Nigeria! Wigan! Tim takes us on a fascinating tour of the Omni-Rumour, what it was and what it meant!

The Missing Episode Podcast can be found at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drwhopodcasters

PodBean https://missingepisodes.podbean.com/

The Unboxing Video: https://twitter.com/drwhopodcasters/status/1394984729682792449?s=21

42 to Doomsday – Remember (When) – The Omni-Rumour

Collecting and COVID! (a.k.a Moribund Merchandising)

Episode 92 – 2020 was a year like no other, and in this episode we are again joined by Aron Challinger, proprietor of Aron’s Collectibles, to discuss the impact COVID 19 had on Doctor Who merchandising, particularly from a new series perspective.

We find out what has (and what hasn’t!) been flying off the shelves. We ponder the question: are manufacturers delaying new releases until changes are made to the series AND do fans really need to sell a kidney to own a complete set of Doctor Who WH Allen Hardbacks?.

All this plus is there any hope the situation will improve for the 60th anniversary? And once again, because Rob needs that Missing Episodes fix and we again venture down that rabbit hole to chew over the idea that the only way to reignite interest in the current series is the return missing story or three (*cough Marco Polo *cough)

Aron’s Collectables can be found at:

Shop 3, 1 Main Street Blackburn Victoria Australia

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Arons-Collectables-103975918212052/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/arons_collectables

Web: https://aronscollectables.com/

42 to Doomsday – Collecting & COVID

42 to Doomsday – The ‘Missing’ Episode!

On the 16th of November 2013, a fledgling podcast released its’s 8th episode where we discussed what Classic Doctor Who stories would translate well if they were remade using Nu Who Doctors combined with the modern series template and style of story telling. It was released to our growing audience with great acclaim and then…..nothing!

Finally released from a warehouse in Wigan!

Whilst Mark was undertaking an audit of our episodes on our (soon to be ex!) podcast hosting service in preparation of our migration to our new shiny provider, he noticed that one episode was missing from a number of podcasting feeds and services.

It’s with great pleasure we ‘relaunch’ this episode with the fanfare it deserves. Tune in to listen to how the 10th Doctor and Martha visited The Ark, Day of The Daleks starring the 11th Doctor and Clara and what story would suited the 9th Doctor’s hard man approach?

All this and and much more including our (then) contemporary review of the 50th Anniversary trailer as leaked by the Spaniards (Bless the Spain’s!)

So take it away our younger, slightly stilted and calmer former selves and as always stay tuned!

42 to Doomsday – Swap Force!

The Top 5 of our Top 5 Countdowns!

 the toppermost of the poppermost!” 

Since our inception, the 42 to Doomsday podcast has made a habit of looking at Doctor Who’s history, characters and monsters through its popular (and patented!) Top 5 countdowns!

Often amusing, often infuriating, but always engaging and thought provoking, Mark and Rob (along with various guests) have delighted our many fans over the years with these entertaining discussions.  

While we prepare our upcoming Top 5 Master stories, we thought (and to make it easier for the newest members of our audience) we’d showcase our favourite (and most downloaded!) Top 5 countdown episodes.  Since the episodes are scattered through our run, we’ve collated the links below, to make it easier for you to digest and whet your appetite for the next Top 5 topic we cover!

Stay tuned!

Top 5 WTF moments in Who!

Top 5 Doctor Who Directors

Top 5 Doctors in Other Roles

Top 5 Overrated Stories

Top 5 U.N.I.T Stories

The (Alternate) Pertwee Years!

Episode 91 – Episode 91 – In a time when everyone wishes they were in a better, different universe, 42 to Doomsday returns with a special ‘What If’ episode, concentrating on the Pertwee era and even better, bon vivant and comedian extraordinaire Rob Lloyd makes a welcome and triumphant return, chatting at length about the goodness of the Pertwee era, and all the things that might’ve been done differently!

The Great Man Strikes a Pose #HAI! 

Liz Shaw gets a leaving story, William Hartnell appears in The Three Doctors and much more and what are our (and our wonderful listeners) episode picks for their Alternate Pertwee Years VHS!

So buckle up, sports fans, because the greatest and longest running Australian Doctor Who podcast is back!

Aron’s Collectables can be found at:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Arons-Collectables-103975918212052/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/arons_collectables

Web: https://aronscollectables.com/

Or visit them at Shop 3, 1 Main Street Blackburn Victoria Australia

‘Up (Peri)Scope and launch the torpedoes!’

Episode 90 – Once again, we have dragged some beauties from the archives, but this time, with a difference! We’ve put DWB and the 90’s (temporarily) on hiatus and travelled back to the late 70’s / early 80’s of Australian fandom. We focus on our northern cousins (aka the country bumpkins from Queensland) and their (sometimes extreme!) contemporary views on Season 17!

Youre a beautiful womanprobably.” 

Gasp at the caustic editorials ranting against Season 17, cringe at the views in the letters pages that will make you want to take a long, hot shower and grimace at a ‘unique’ retrospective on Target novels and where they went wrong!

All this plus will the lads react in their usual calm manner when presented with differing views on their favourite / worst Doctor Who stories and more importantly, will Mark’s latest joke ‘efforts’ help Rob break out of his writing funk!

Aron’s Collectables can be found at:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Arons-Collectables-103975918212052/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/arons_collectables

Web: https://aronscollectables.com/

Or visit them at Shop 3, 1 Main Street Blackburn Victoria Australia

Sculptures Fantastiques!

Episode 89 – We are back with a New Year’s day special, albeit one with a difference! In this episode we debut our FANtastic creators segment where we shine the spotlight on some of the many talented people in Doctor Who fandom. We are delighted that our first guest is sculpture extraordinaire Millie McKenzie.

We discuss how she became a fan of the program and what inspires her to create her wonderful creations as well as the process involved.

Millie can be found on Twitter @CowBearCreates and Instagram @cowbearcreations

Aron’s Collectables can be found on:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Arons-Collectables-103975918212052/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/arons_collectables

Staff Xmas Party – The Sixth Sense(less!)

Episode 88 – The Doomsday Weapon(s) are back! Rob and Mark are again joined by friends of the podcast, Dave and Richard, for our anticipated (and much loved) Xmas special!

Your Xmas stockings will overflow as we discuss the Doctor Who stories we watched during lockdown and obsess over our Top 3 Doctor Who stories featuring plagues. Then we journey back in time for our Target Book Club where we chat about novelisations of historical stories.

I want to spend my xmas with a Dalek!!

No 42 to Doomsday Xmas special would be complete without our Annual Fanwank of the Year award…what has set off snarky Marky this time. and for the first time in six years, will Big Finish lose the crown of biggest Fanwankers?

‘Incidentally, a happy Christmas to all of you at home!’

What If Part 2 – Should Have Been Another Way?

Ready for the chop?

Episode 87 – It’s another ‘What If’ episode, this time looking at what could have been for Season 23! Which previous Doctor would we have chosen to appear in the Past segment of Trial of a Time Lord? Did the umbrella theme actually work. And gasp as we ponder what exactly is a ‘reverse Samson’?

All this plus a yet another bulging sack of listeners emails, plus we have a special treat as Mark embraces the blasphemous animations as we hear his thoughts on the resurrected Fury from the Deep…plus, listen in to Rob’s emotional tribute to those Victorian’s who have chosen to vacate the state post lockdown!