“All right, I’ll take you to Blackpool!”

Episode 94 – Doctor Who exhibitions are ‘showcased’ in this episode and helping us walk down the promenade of yesteryear are  John Collier and Alex Storer, the team behind 2020’s FANTASTIC ‘Blackpool Remembered’ publication.  We discuss the book which celebrates the legacy of the Blackpool Exhibition, and also other exhibitions that followed!

We discuss how the book came together, the sourcing and sifting of the many contributions from fans and exhibition staff alike.  We also look at the reaction to Blackpool Remembered and what readers can expect from Blackpool Revisited!

We chat about our own personal experiences visiting the Blackpool Exhibition, what we bought from the shop, a ‘doppelganger’ Bessie and was it really the 6th Doctor downing a crafty pint at a pub in a small Welsh village?

All this plus Rob and Mark’s delayed and muted response to the departure of the Pip and Jane Baker of the new series.  Plus, we respond to our overflowing mailbag of listener’s comments about their view of the current state of the Omni-Rumour ™ and another ‘What If?’ scenario is posed to us!

Visit the Blackpool Revisited / Remembered Site at: https://blackpoolremembered7485.wordpress.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Blackpool7485

Who, Where & When: http://sevenzero.net/who_where_when.html

Alex Storer’s Doctor Who Inspired Art: https://thelightdreams.wordpress.com/portfolio/doctor-who/

42 to Doomsday – I’ll Take You To Blackpool

Apologies for the less than stellar audio quality on this episode – Rob’s microphone picked up the noise of his drilling machine on course for Wigan and Mark’s vocal is a combination of Skype issues and getting to grips with his new (and self-funded) Yeti microphone!

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