42 to Doomsday – The ‘Missing’ Episode!

On the 16th of November 2013, a fledgling podcast released its’s 8th episode where we discussed what Classic Doctor Who stories would translate well if they were remade using Nu Who Doctors combined with the modern series template and style of story telling. It was released to our growing audience with great acclaim and then…..nothing!

Finally released from a warehouse in Wigan!

Whilst Mark was undertaking an audit of our episodes on our (soon to be ex!) podcast hosting service in preparation of our migration to our new shiny provider, he noticed that one episode was missing from a number of podcasting feeds and services.

It’s with great pleasure we ‘relaunch’ this episode with the fanfare it deserves. Tune in to listen to how the 10th Doctor and Martha visited The Ark, Day of The Daleks starring the 11th Doctor and Clara and what story would suited the 9th Doctor’s hard man approach?

All this and and much more including our (then) contemporary review of the 50th Anniversary trailer as leaked by the Spaniards (Bless the Spain’s!)

So take it away our younger, slightly stilted and calmer former selves and as always stay tuned!

42 to Doomsday – Swap Force!

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