The Top 5 of our Top 5 Countdowns!

 the toppermost of the poppermost!” 

Since our inception, the 42 to Doomsday podcast has made a habit of looking at Doctor Who’s history, characters and monsters through its popular (and patented!) Top 5 countdowns!

Often amusing, often infuriating, but always engaging and thought provoking, Mark and Rob (along with various guests) have delighted our many fans over the years with these entertaining discussions.  

While we prepare our upcoming Top 5 Master stories, we thought (and to make it easier for the newest members of our audience) we’d showcase our favourite (and most downloaded!) Top 5 countdown episodes.  Since the episodes are scattered through our run, we’ve collated the links below, to make it easier for you to digest and whet your appetite for the next Top 5 topic we cover!

Stay tuned!

Top 5 WTF moments in Who!

Top 5 Doctor Who Directors

Top 5 Doctors in Other Roles

Top 5 Overrated Stories

Top 5 U.N.I.T Stories

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