‘Up (Peri)Scope and launch the torpedoes!’

Episode 90 – Once again, we have dragged some beauties from the archives, but this time, with a difference! We’ve put DWB and the 90’s (temporarily) on hiatus and travelled back to the late 70’s / early 80’s of Australian fandom. We focus on our northern cousins (aka the country bumpkins from Queensland) and their (sometimes extreme!) contemporary views on Season 17!

Youre a beautiful womanprobably.” 

Gasp at the caustic editorials ranting against Season 17, cringe at the views in the letters pages that will make you want to take a long, hot shower and grimace at a ‘unique’ retrospective on Target novels and where they went wrong!

All this plus will the lads react in their usual calm manner when presented with differing views on their favourite / worst Doctor Who stories and more importantly, will Mark’s latest joke ‘efforts’ help Rob break out of his writing funk!

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