Remember When – Le début

Episode 86 – In the first of a new and (hopefully) semi-regular segment we talk to ex-Grumpcaster and occasional Something Whoer Mike (aka Servo Robot) on his early memories of watching the programme. What was it like to live through Dalekmania? Is Wheel in Space any good? How exciting was it to watch Invasion of the Dinosaurs episode 1 (in full colour)? and why is Mike cursed to have seen The Space Pirates not once, but twice!!

Mike shares his research on Doctor Who transmissions in Australia, in particular new information about how remote mining companies got to
see TV in the early 70’s. And finally, riddle me this – how can a Doctor Who story with only one print be shown on the same day across three different time zones (cough Duplicate Prints cough)

And what treasures could exist in the store…Bond store!

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