End of an Era(s) – The (K-Tel) Collection !!!

Since 2013 your favourite Doctor Who podcast has released episodes taking an in-depth retrospective of various eras of Doctor Who.  We’ve even had guests come on to give their unique perspective as we look at everything, ‘warts and all.’

Because we love making your lives easier, we’ve collected in this handy post, the links to all our retrospective podcasts.  Why dress up like Indiana Jones when you can search through this list from the comfort of your own toilet?

While you’re listening to us wax lyrical about the great (and not so great) eras of Doctor Who, we’re hard at work putting together a new, semi-regular feature we call ‘Remember When…’ where we…. hang on that would be telling put down that gun…….Mark…#staytuned

The Hartnell Years

The Troughton Years

The Pertwee Years

The Davison Years

The Colin Baker Years

The McCoy Years

The Eccleston Year

The Smith Years

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