What if? (A.K.A Coulda Shoulda Woulda!)

Episode 85 – With our ‘normal’ reality in lockdown and frankly a bit pants, Rob and Mark go all Sliders (the TV show not the small burgers) and use our fanwank powers to discuss many ‘what if’ scenarios about Doctor Who as suggested by you our wonderful listeners!!!

What if Ray Cusick hadn’t designed the Daleks? What if Zoe had stayed on for Season 7? How about Mary Tamm as the 5th Doctor? What does the tv landscape look like if The Dark Dimension is made? And was Pigbin Josh the Watcher all along?

What if
All this, plus recommendations on ‘family friendly’ comedy films of the 1980’s, the length of Rob’s new ‘rocking’ lockdown mullet and will Mark’s latest attempts at ‘humour’ finally make the Indiana Jones of film collecting hand over some ‘artefacts’? (hot tip – no!)


Thanks to the Complete Menagerie (almost!) chaps for uploading the video of Sylvester McCoy’s ‘unique’ interpretation which we pinched for the above screenshot.


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