Corona(s) of the Sun (a.k.a Dragged from the Archives)

Episode 83 – The Onmi-Tw*ts (C-PM) are back and have broken out of isolation to bring you a brand new episode!

We again drag ourselves through the archives and set the Wayback Machine to mid-1990 where Guru Josh ruled the charts and not one, but two actual real life and not made up production companies were interested in making the programme (even if the BBC were not).

Listen as we marvel at how BBC Video and W H Allen schedules were filled to the brim to plug the Doctor Who-shaped hole in our lives. And finally, which companion was described by that august publication The Sun as ‘curvy’?


All this plus: ‘honest’ reactions to Series 12, The Faceless Ones (re)animation, what we think about recasting dearly departed companions from those purveyors of Fan Wank ‘Happy Finish’, more attempts of ‘humour’ by Mark and a rant from Rob which can only be described as biblical!



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