Annual Staff Xmas Party – The 5th (Element)

Episode 82 – The Grinch’s (a.k.a) Rob and Mark along with Dave and Richard are back to help you celebrate the season of good (s)will with the right amount of cheer!

We talk about the impact of the Chibnall/Whitaker era, one year on, what do we consider the best series of the classic era, take a look back at the Virgin and BBC books Uncle Terrance wrote during the 1990s, pump up our 2019 Fanwank of the Year Awards, read your letters and tweets and then punch 2019 in the proverbial on the way out.

Gasp as Rob almost bursts an artery during the intro, dine out on Dave’s erudite take down of The Space Museum, ponder Richard’s love for the Hinchcliffe era before finally revealing has Mark watched anything anything of Series 11 past Rosa?

Thanks to all our listeners who tuned in during our very sporadic output during the year. We appreciate your continued loyalty, and look forward in 2020 to bringing you more entertaining episodes of yes, the greatest Doctor Who podcast in the goddamn universe!





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