Staff Xmas Party – The Fourth!

Episode 79 – Just in time for Xmas, the Four Horsemen of the Podcopalypse have returned talking all things Doctor Who!

Join Rob, Mark, Dave and Richard as we celebrate 2018 with laughs, tears, bitter recriminations and then joyful reconciliation!

Gasp as we summarise the first (and potentially last?) full Jodie Whitaker season of Doctor Who and then we go old school chatting about why doesn’t fandom give the love that we think Terry Nation deserves.

Social Justice Warrior fans avert your ears as we tackle the taboo (or ‘problematic’) stories of Doctor Who *cough Talons of Weng Chiang cough*

The Target Book Club reconvenes as we look over four of the least loved Doctor Who stories. And because nobody asked for it, we each bring our Fanwank of the year nominations for discussion!

All this plus listener feedback and we look back at all the non-Doctor Who stuff that captivated our attention.

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all of you at home!

42 to Doomsday will RETURN!*

*unless Rob goes back into rehab! Fingers crossed, either way!





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