The Final End?

Episode 77 – Time is called on Australia’s longest running and (in)consistent podcast! It is the moment all our fans (but particularly our enemies) have waited for!

Before 42 to Doomsday ride’s off into the distance we strap on the mics one last time to bury Moffat, not once, but twice!

We dig through the entrails of early 1990’s DWBs delusions, plus listeners feedback where we take down the whole Patreon Industrial-Military complex in a no hold’s barred suicide run and thenwax poetic as we sink slowly into the sunset!

But wait! Who is that *other* voice on the podcast? Could it be…Lord Melbourne?! And what does he bring with him? Could it be…not one, but two cans?

But the question you all really want answered……….will 42 to Doomsday return ?





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