2016 New Year Eve Special!

Mark and Rob return (briefly) replete with pudding, custard, a whole roast pig and lashing of Christmas cheer to farewell 2016 in the manner it truly deserves with the return of our New Year Eve special!

In keeping with the musical theme these episodes are renowned (cough) we go all ‘non-canon’ and give you a DVD commentary for the video clip of ‘The Ballad of Doctor Who’ – the song made famous by Australian Country Music Legends Bullamakanka. And no Patreon account required – we’ve done it for you, for free!

All this plus listen to our brazen (and frankly cuckoo) idea of hijacking the Twitter account of the President-Elect in a desperate attempt to gain more followers! KKK-razy!

Here is the link to the clip so you can ‘read along with us with your book.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rH4LFVLUg4

Wishing you all a very happy New Year wherever you are listening and 42 to Doomsday will return in 2017!



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