Blake’s Heaven!

Episode 55 – Some of fandom’s sharpest minds (plus Mark and Rob) gather to raise a glass, or seven, to the memory of Gareth Thomas and Blake’s 7. Joining us for a good old pub style ramble through Terry Nation’s second most famous creation are fan favourites Tom, Richard and Dave were we spend a good chunk of time talking all things Blake’s 7, it’s genesis, it’s impact and its legacy. We point out the great episodes, the poor episodes, the characters that worked, those that didn’t, dive deep into some interesting fan theories and essentially geek out at 70s BBC science fiction.

All that, plus the occasional comment or two about Doctor Who we almost don’t mention the omnirumour and have a chinwag about Bill, the Doctor’s newest inner city London 20 something spunky female companion! Who said Moffat couldn’t innovate…

We also highly recommend the Blake’s Heaven book from Watching Books which can be purchased at


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