Party Animals

Episode 53 – Doctor Who fan, political animal and friend of the podcast David Kitchen joins Rob for a lengthy discussion about how Doctor Who, in front of the camera and behind it, has dealt with the thorny issue of politics.

What fan shibboleths does Dave demolish during our chat? What events in the Doctor Who universe could possibly have led to alleged (and cleared) murderer Jeremy Thorpe ever becoming PM? Did you hear the one about the Communist, a Tory and environmentalist walking into the BBC canteen in 1973? Should Doctor Who even delve into politically dangerous waters? And finally, how has the modern series dealt with the thorny political topics of today?

All this and a discussion about real world politics, a short message from our friend and mentor, Sharak Jizz and make sure you listen to the very end for a musical Easter egg from the one time Australian Federal Minister of Education!

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