Bah Humbug – 2015 Staff Xmas Party!

Episode 49 – Ho Ho Ho and welcome to the 42 to Doomsday Staff Christmas Party! Crack open the eggnog and get a look at that Krampus as Mark, Rob, Dave and Richard celebrate in the finest Doctor Who tradition – we talk Doctor Who! We stick the boot in/sing the praises of Series 9 and argue the toss over whether this year’s finale was better or worse than Death in Heaven*. We debut our new ‘Fanwank’ segment where we give our favourite examples of retconning of the Who continuum and then give our guide to what we will be watching over the summer hiatus..sorry, break!

All this plus more discussion on obscure Aussie TV shows and we ponder the state of the ABCs televisual archive! Incidentally, a very Merry Christmas to all of you at home and trust you all received the Christmas episodes boxset, because frankly, you deserve it!

*If you’ve been listening to us this last year, what the bloody hell do you think is the answer?!

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