Happy New Year Eve 2014 and happy upcoming 30th Birthday of Doctor in Distress !

Happy New Year (eve) everyone and to help you bring in the new year in style we release our second minisode / cutaway! The 28th February 1985 saw the first attempt at the cancellation / postponement/ hiatus / whatever of the classic series starring the then Doctor, Colin Baker. To protest (at this let’s be honest ludicrous move) in March of that same year Ian Levine harnessed the vocal talents of many a Z list celebrity to ‘sing’ for the series return to the small screen in a musical opus called Doctor in Distress. To celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of this particular single, Rob and Mark again follow the podcasting herd and proudly release their first DVD commentary to accompany the music video for this fine recording. And just like U2’s middling recent album we are giving it away free!

So get your New Years Eve party rolling in style, for as a special bonus we include the instrumental version of this classic for everyone to sing along!

Follow along with the commentary via http://goo.gl/EpzkVK

42 to Doomsday will return in 2015!

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