Made in Heaven ?

Episode 27 – We (again) break our first law of time and review the remaining stories of Peter Capaldi’s debut series including the controversial finale with Mary Poppins and the Iron Patriot
(a.k.a Cyber Lethbridge-Stewart) then offer our judgement on Series 8, was Clara Oswald redeemed in our eyes and will Rob’s desk be able to survive his judgement on the Moff’s latest arc machinations?

Finally, we wheel out the Ouija board and ask is recasting dead actors with new ones “all done in the best possible taste” and we then go over our bulging mailbag of listener feedback – check out the best theory yet about the The Pananoster Gang and listen to hear the details of our latest competition with 2 copies of the Series 8 DVD set to be won!

Kyle Session’s reviews of Doctor Who from the beginning can be found at and at,

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