Billy Don’t Be A (Anti) Hero – The Hartnell Era Revisited !

Episode 25 – In this episode we examine the entrails of the Hartnell era, looking at the man himself, the companions of that era, and how much of the show’s future owes itself it’s formative years.

All this, plus our thoughts about (not review) Series 8 and we drag up for a return bout of our Dragged from the Archives segment – this time looking at the tumultuous events of 1986 and why does this picture reduce us reduces us all to a pile of giggling schoolgirls!


We also debut of our Omni-rumour meter where Rob goes where no fan has dared go before to ask “Would you sacrifice the new series for the omni rumour to be true?”

We are also very proud to support for the Unofficial Doctor Who Charity Anthology Seasons Of War and further information about this fantastic cause can be found on their Facebook page and donations can be made to Caudwell Children

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