Islands in the (Main) Stream

Episode 23 – They came, they saw, they kicked our a…..the Milli Vanilli of the Doctor Who Podcasting world return for their ‘difficult’ 23 album…err episode. We discuss the Sydney leg of the Doctor Who World Tour in which Rob and Mark didn’t go (sob!) but friend of the show Rob Lloyd did (yay!) and filed an exclusive report! We then take a look at how the ‘brand’ of the new series has been marketed at home and abroad. Why, after the wild success of the Tennant era, is the show only now scaling the global heights?

We then go over our hopes for series 8 and dip back into the mailbag to answer the question “Is Caves of Androzani” any good?

If you’re in the Chicago area this August. check out Rob’s show, Who Me, as recommended by the both of us! and for more information on Rob Lloyd and his projects can be found at

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