Happy 21st to us !

Episode 21 A Celebration – bless the rains the Terrance and Phillip
of the Doctor Who podcasting world return to celebrate our 21st

We take a look at how our favourite series celebrated such
achievements and were multi-doctor romps the way to go and why do
these two grown men keep bursting into tears when they see a couple of
old doctors being paraded across the screen!

All this plus Miami Leaks, the upcoming Doctor Who tour in Sydney and
the debut of our brand new segment where we discuss the anniversary
poll but not the one you were expecting.

Just like that ex-Australian media proprietor we have expanded our
empire and you can now subscribe to us on Stitcher.com and Soundcloud
as well as iTunes and Player FM.


  1. Another excellent episode. Although I do have to wonder, if you can’t accept John Hurt’s Doctor then “Brain of Morbius” can’t possibly be canon. 🙂

  2. Another great episode!
    I disagree with you about one thing though – Doctor Who is not 1 long series. It’s two distinct series (plus a telemovie), so why shouldn’t the New Series have it’s own Anniversary?
    2013 was the 50th Anniversary of An Unearthly Child. I have no issues with celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Rose.
    Two series in one franchise, just like Star Trek, and its various spin offs.

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