42 to Doomsday – Stay on TARGET!

Episode 18 – In a desperate attempt to cling to their long vanished youth, Mark and Rob journey back to an earlier, simpler time to discuss the Target Doctor Who range where the only way you could watch the Web of Fear was to read the book.

So grab yourself a cup of Milo, Horlicks or Cocoa (ooh, is that a marriage proposal?), sit yourself in your favourite comfy chair and wile away the next 60 minutes or so  listening as the Statler and Waldorf of the Doctor Who podcasting community reminisce about collecting these little fragments of the show’s past.

Plus we discuss the Series 8 (malt)teaser, listener feedback and our latest competition where you send your burning questions about Doctor Who (or not) that you want us to tackle by the 9th of June and the best entry wins a copy of Doctor Who – The Ultimate Guide as recommended by Rob!


  1. I was a little confused by the email you had from Angela saying that the mother in Hungry Earth/Cold Blood made her “ashamed to be human”.

    You listen to the “42 to Doomsday” podcast, Angela. Aren’t you already ashamed to be human?

    Loved all the memories of the novelisations, guys. Keep up the great work. Personally, I can handle the shame so long as it’s this good. 😉

    1. Hi Doc, we were a bit worried that it would sound like a bunch of geriatrics talking about the old days but it seems to have hit the right note. Thank you for the comments about the cast it’s greatly appreciated and we also enjoy listening to the Diddly Dum cast!

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