42 to Doomsday talks Villains!

Episode 17 – Like the super villains they are, Rob and Mark have
smashed free of the Phantom Zone to wreak havoc yet again on podcast
listening humanity. Kneel before…pod(cast)!

In this bumper episode we take a look at the villains of Doctor Who,
starting with the Tribe of Gum all the way up to that cackling wife
beater from Gallifrey. We talk about the way different writers and
production teams influenced how these dastardly fellows were

We also read out some listener feedback, announce the winners of our
latest fantastic competition, fondle yet again the omni-bollocks(TM)
and Mark does a compelling impression Kim Jong-il! Finally, we invite
the listeners to ponder whether Rob is right – is Davros the true hero
of Genesis of the Daleks..?

The Science of Doctor Who hosted by friend of the show Rob Lloyd is
touring around Australia. More information can be found at


    1. Hi Doc,

      Great to hear from you!, I am not to sure if George and Mildred-The Movie received a cinema release over in Oz but my parents took me out of school to see while we were still living in the UK (I still give them grief about it to this day). I think it’s been on TV a few times over here but have not felt the urge to watch it again!

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