42 to Doomsday looks back at Matt

Episode 11 – Let’s Chat About Matt!

Happy 2014 everyone! We’re back and with a bang.  In the shadow of Matt Smith’s departure, we chat about his era of our favourite show. We also render a verdict on his show running partner in crime, Steven Moffat.  Never shy about avoiding controversy, we say some nice things, and some not so nice things.  C’est la vie!

We also announce the winning entries of our very first competition.  And in the best tradition of podcasting, make sure you listen right to the very end where we prove we can read each others minds (i.e. Rob has identity issues…)

And in case you missed, Rob lost his mind and did a mini-cast (released as a New Year’s Eve treat) all about Freddie Mercury’s connections to the TV Movie.  You have been warned…

One comment

  1. Hi, a very thought provoking amd interesting podcast as always.

    I find most of the comments about the 50th anniversary and Matt Smith rather perplexing as, for me, the 50th anniversary stories started with ‘Asylum of the Daleks’. Every Clara story up to the 50th anniversary special has been a nod to early eras, production styles and music including the varying nature of Clara.

    From the ‘Hartnell meeting Colin Baker’ story telling of Asylum complete with Clara’s 60s fashion and daleks transformed from the dead; to the Troughtonesque Snowmen and the Dr in the ‘overground’ rather than the ‘underground’ a very Troughton pun; to the so-very-Pertwee secret organisation in London taken down by a motorbike riding character, UNIT, and a nice cup of tea; to the Rings of Tom Baker with dodgy 70s effects, pyramids, puzzles, giant piratish planets, Dudley Simpson like music, etc, etc; and on through reworkings of Silver Nemesis, etc, etc.

    Unfortunately it wasn’t advertised well so the premise seems to sadly have been missed by many fans.

    Perhaps I see it because I’m very aware of the music and the visual themes just as much as the story. Anyway, bravo Stephen Moffatt for attempting to encapsulate 50 years of storytelling tropes into half a season of the show,
    I loved it.

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