New Doctor Who Missing Episodes Podcast

Episode 6 – After our groundbreaking podcast (first with the omnirumour, folks!), Rob and Mark return to give you the lowdown of what we thought of the stunning announcement of the return of all of Enemy of the World, and most of The Web of Fear.

Thrill to our dissection of all things omnirumour, quail as we praise Phil Morris to the heavens, gasp as we discuss the possibility of more episodes ready to be returned and clench…something as Rob gives the inside word on how he returned the only existing footage from Power of the Daleks (apart from the trailer – details, folks, details!).

Now repeat after me, All praise Phil Morris.  Ooohhhmmmmm…..


  1. I can’t believe that you two, of all people, while discussing “Enemy of the World”, weren’t oohing and aaahing at the spectacular vistas of your homeland. The beach shots alone made me want to reach for a surfboard and some sunscreen.

    1. There’s a reason the Dutch took one look at that coastline and hightailed it back to Java! Desolate doesn’t even begin to describe the Western Australia coastline. Dirk Hartog, we salute your forethought!

  2. Have you noticed that Dorian’s description ‘the question that can never be answered’ has a very different answer if its directed at the BBC Archives rather than The Doctor? The thing hidden in plain sight, that has been there all the time is the missing episodes.

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