42 to Doomsday talks missing episodes

Episode 2 – Never one to be ahead of the curve, 42 to Doomsday finally talks about missing episodes, and the current voracious rumour that has gripped online fandom for months.

Mark and Rob give a brief history of what missing episodes are, then dissect some of the components to the omnirumour.  After that, we then talk about our favourite ‘orphan’ episodes and what stories we’d most like to see back in the archives.

Note:  Rob mentions that a return from the ABC to the BBC occurred in July 1975.  The correct date was June 1975.  He also mentions one or two black and white ‘stories’ were filmed in 35mm film.  He meant to say one or two black and white ‘episodes’ were filmed in 35mm film.


  1. Nice as it would be to think that there are restorers working clandestinely on a large cache of missing episodes in the basement of Broadcasting House, we have to consider that there’s only one thing less likely than 90 episodes being discovered – the BBC being able to keep a secret for longer than 5 minutes.

  2. You’re wrong pal. And the reason is long and convoluted, but the short of it is….because the eps were not immediately in secure (BBC) hands. They were in the hands of a, shall we say, somewhat unpredictable individual who had to be treated very carefully indeed. Don’t believe the denials – do your research.

  3. Anthony, it’s all very well you urging me not to believe the denials but what do I then say to the people urging me not to believe those denying the denials?

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